Thirty Dollars

HA! Not what you think. This is not a post about all the things I would do to make $30, or all the reasons I wish I had $30 more (although, if you need ideas, I have a few!), but about all the things I will do with the $30 I have allotted myself for the weekend. In cash. Because if it were $30 on my credit card, or even debit card, it would easily morph into like $75 without me even knowing what I spent it on! Can I get an amen?

This post is all about guessing. I guess I’ll have a lot of sugary food. I guess I’ll spend necessary money on unnecessary things at Target. I guess I’ll get coffee out even though I have it at home. I guess I’ll order some new shoes online because they’re on sale. Shoot – $30 will not do it. But a girl can dream!

Off to the races:

  1. EMPANADAS: Because why shouldn’t I? It’s Friday night and I just got paid. The Accord probably won’t be able to get me home fast enough, I won’t be able to put my swim suit on quick enough, and the dog likely won’t pee in a timely manner. But that won’t stop me from squeezing in an empanada run before catching the last few rays of the day at the pool.
  2. DONUTS: Because, Saturday morning. If you are actually requiring an explanation for why this is a good/natural idea, then you likely have not experienced joy, or you are a melancholy person, or you are skinny. 635910150912081756223380989_Doughnuts
  3. TARGET: For fun things. Fun things could be blue eye shadow, another bottle of light pink, opaque nail polish, because why do people even wear translucent nail polish? It could be one of those lacy tank tops that cuts off before even reaching your stomach, so is that just a bra? Maybe there’s a new brand of face wash in my future?
  4. LEMONADE: Not like Lemonade (looking at you, B) but just lemonade. You know, sold by young, street entrepreneurs. Those fiery souls with a brilliant idea for a start up. Little do they know this start up started up decades ago. I genuinely saw a real lemonade stand in my neighborhood a few weeks ago and it was so delicious, that now I’ve realized I should start budgeting for lemonade stands each month. See ya later, $.25! 227884
  5. CAR WASH: It’s the $12 I’ve been refusing to part with for the past 5 weeks. But I’m just praying I run into a sweet, eager, sweaty, highly-energized group of 15-year-old’s raising money for missions trips or high school bands or new soccer balls. I’m there!

If I truly stick to my budget, I think I can swing all this with $30. The unknown variable here is Target. If it’s just face wash, it could really work. If it’s face wash and nail polish and the lacy shirt/bra, I might blow the budget. YOLO. My Monday self will be very T/O’d if that’s the case. Again, YOLO cause it’s Friday and I just don’t even care.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!