happenings here

::please excuse the chaos of this post. it’s more a stream of continuousness deal::

Greetings my friends. I’m sorry to say that I’ve officially awarded myself a big fat ‘F’ in terms of blog updates. Or maybe you went ahead and took the privilege of assigning me that grade anyways? Good, glad we’re on the same page. But I have been keeping my Facebook album updated, so I would appreciate some credit. 

Whenever I meet new people here (every 4 minutes) their second question is always something along the lines of, ‘so what are you doing here/are you here on holiday/why are you in my country?’ This question is always preceded by ‘where are you from?’ (or my personal favorite, ‘you’re not from here, are you?’ yeah I am actually, I’ve lived here my whole life but I just like the american accent more.) I love meeting new people, and I’m not surprised at all by their questions, but since I get the same ones so often I’m starting to think it would be more fun to come up with an alternative answer. Here’s what I’m considering:

Option 1: I came for two months to learn about making chocolates. I graduated from university in the States and decided to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a chocolatier. 

Option 2: I drove to the airport one early June morning and got on the first airplane I saw. The next morning I ended up in London and decided to try again, then I ended up in Cape Town and ran out of money so I had to stay.

Option 3: Someone told me there were sexy men here, so I came.

Option 4: What am I doing here? I think the real question is, what are YOU doing here? 

Ok shoot, which one should I try next?

SooooOoooooOOo many people have been asking me (really just my mom, this one’s for you!!) what my day-to-day life looks like here and I’m sorry to say that I generally respond by saying ‘I’m working on excel sheets and feeding the baby.’ Truth is, I do cool stuff too. Here’s a list (cause I’m in the real world, baby) of generally work-related things I do:

-The Excel thing is true, I spent like my first 2.5 weeks on Excel.
-And I do feed the baby a lot, but I like this baby.
-I attend lots and lots of meetings and I usually have about a 10% chance of said meetings being conducted in English. I feel like I’ve hit the meeting jackpot when they are in English (now I feel old and boring, but it’s the little things!)
-I went on tour with Heinz when I first got here (I think I’ve already blogged about that, so I won’t elaborate-but it was way cool)
-On Friday I was a model
-I’ve been working on updating both Heinz and Alette’s websites. These are the times I’m thankful that English has always been my stronger subject.
-Most mornings I’m Alette’s personal hairstylist and if you know me at all, you know this has been one of my top 5 favorite things about the summer.
-Sourcing: Shopping for photo shoots (doesn’t it just sound so much fancier?). I do this with Alette as well
-Maybe I should mention that Alette is an Image Consultant? She is.
-Sunset wine time with Chantel and Alette (and sometimes the rest of their families) has become kind of a norm and I love it. Not work related at all.
-I did get to drive one time (they drive on the left side of the road and the right side of the car). I only went on the wrong side of the road once, so I’d say it was a success.
-I watch/listen to a lot of Lollo’s but to be honest I don’t even want to talk about it. I’ll be fine with never watching/listening to it again after my time here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsNmCnh_bFE).
-I can check ‘sleeping in a music studio’ off my bucket list.

Plenty of exciting things have been left off this list I’m sure, but sorry that I’m so bad at documenting my life and I can’t remember everything. Another neat thing to note is that I was having the weirdest eye problems for the past two weeks and couldn’t wear contacts, so glasses it was/is. But I’m so thankful for all the prayers because I think they’re back to 100%. I’m just waiting it out a for more days before I put my last pair of contacts on the line. The things you find valuable when they are in limited supply.

Things I miss from home:

-Homemade Metty pizza (if you haven’t experienced it, please invite yourself over in the few short days I’m home between August 7 and 12. You won’t regret it)
-The rest of my clothes. I must say, I’ve gotten mighty good at mixing and matching the few things I brought (though I felt like I packed everything I owned)
-U.S. plugs. Converters are a pain the boo-tay. Can I get an amen?
-Trader Joe’s/Target
-My family and my friends :(((((((((((((((((((

But I do love it here. I really do. My first big homesick bug showed up on the 4th of July. I freaking love it. Next year, I’ll celebrate June 4th and July 4th to make up for lost time. Who’s in? Other than that, I’m thankful that it hasn’t been too bad. The first month I really wasn’t homesick at all. As my time starts to wind down a little bit (so weird), I look forward to being in the States again. But at the same time, I’m so sad at the thought of leaving Somerset West. Sometimes I look back at my time here and think ‘I can’t believe how fast time has gone,’ and sometimes I think just the opposite. So funny how that works. But I know I’ll miss it when I leave, and I know I’ll be happy to see everyone at home again.

Thanks for all the warm wishes while I’ve been here. Say hey to America for me and I’ll say hi to the Cape for you.