Headed to The Cape

Ok, I have some really exciting news. Some news that is actually a miracle. And I have no excuses or reasons for why I haven’t shared it yet, but today is the day. I’m super excited to announce that I will be spending my summer in Cape Town, South Africa! When I say this is a miracle, I mean every bit of it. If I’ve ever wondered what it means for “doors to be opened,” I don’t wonder anymore. It’s a long, long story, but ultimately, God is good. We have close family friends who live in Cape Town and work in the music industry. I was 14 when we first met them, and we have stayed close ever since. “Close” is a funny term to use to describe this situation, because we’ve only seen them in person four times now, but none the less, close. Ever since meeting them, I’ve wanted to visit South Africa. I’ve never really had anything specific in mind as far as what to do when I’m there, but I’ve wanted to go. And I (or the Lord, apparently) never really shook that desire.

During Christmas break, the whole gang (mom and dad and two adora little boys) came for a visit in NC. The day after they arrived, we sat in the kitchen and chatted about life and would you believe it, the topic/stress/don’twanttotalkaboutthissubject of “what am I going to do this summer” came up. Imagine that. So I proceeded to tell them “yeah, I really need to find an internship or at least something that will look good on a resume and maybe one day help me get a job.” Aka, “I can’t spend another summer nannying/working at Gap.” Then mamafriend says “well your mom tells me you want to come to South Africa sometime.” Yes mamafriend, IN MY DREAMS…good news, as you already know, my dreams are becoming a reality. So we keep chatting, and the doors start opening. It’s like I was in a giant warehouse where they only sell doors and EACH ONE WAS OPEN. Not kidding, not being dramatic. I would never. But seriously, from there the whole thing just literally fell into place. Papafriend tells me that I can work directly with him doing “agenty” stuff (helping with shows and interviews, emails, social media, etc.) So I’m like “ok, this is just casually what I’ve wanted to do since high school.” But how does one find an internship like this…well let me tell you, the Lord hands it out.

Aaaand the doors continue to open. Living arrangements, plane tickets, class credit, encouragement, it goes on and on. So here I am, still totally in shock that this is actually happening and kind of freaking out. South Africa is very far away from NC. If you need help figuring out how far, here is this map:

ImageIt’s very far. And that means if I freak out half way through the summer and miss home, sucks for me. It means that when I want to call my parents before bed, I can’t because of the time change. It means that when people starting speaking to me in Afrikaans, I’ll have to say in my sweet southern bell accent “I’m sorry but the only things I know in Afrikaans are ‘your finger is cold’ and ‘you look like a corpse.'” That’s actually 100% true, so if you need me to tutor you, buy Rosetta Stone instead. It’s means is very far away and there’s no backing out. But quite honestly, I could not be more excited. I’m not oblivious to the challenges that will come, but I’m also no oblivious to the fact that the Lord is taking me there and he’s not dropping off. He’s going with me. And that’s all the comfort I need.

Maybe I’ll be better about blogging when I’m there, who knows. Don’t count on it. I’M SO EXCITED!

Just to be clear, I also know how to say “thank you very much.” If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced ‘buy-uh-donkey.’ There you go, now get Rosetta Stone.


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