high maintinence diva

mmmk i need some new music. like i mentioned a few days ago, the new bryan and katie torwalt album is amaze, but i need some soft/sad/gloomy/butnottoogloomy music that’s all like “it’s october but it’s snowing and i’m freezing but i just want to lay on the couch and watch gossip girl and friday night lights oh and i’ll also take a fresh cup of hot chocolate every 50 seconds.” you catching my drift? too much to ask for? good, i didn’t think so either. i mean some call me a high-maintinence diva, i just call it being the baby of the family and a girl. whatever you call it, i still need new music. 

while i’m taking suggestions for things, anybody know any good ways to warm up a freezing body? i was out side this morning at 6:45 for quite a while. you know when you get cold, and then literally it takes days (i’m really not being dramatic) to thaw out/get warm? i’m still in the very cold stage. help a sista out? 

oh and while we’re on the subject of COLD, if anyone has a gator or a 4-wheeler they want to donate to cubson’s lair, feel free. we have yet to figure out how we’re getting down our driveway/the grand canyon when it starts snowing. my poor car has a rough time getting up it when the weather is lovely and 75, so i’m skeptical about it’s performance in a few weeks. as the dear mandy smith would say, “sorry about your bad luck.” 

happy thursday! eight more hours till friday but i mean really who’s counting? 

i typed in “high maintinence diva” in the search bar on pinterest and this came up. so yeah let’s go for. leopard print, fur, uggs, curled hair. if i were a toddler in 2013 i can imagine my fashion picks would have been along these lines. 



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