sunday night i returned to boone from a much needed and much appreciated fall break. being home is so refreshing, and each time i go, it seems to be better than the last. maybe this was such a good break because i didn’t have anything to do while i was there, or maybe it was because i hadn’t stopped “going” since school started in august, or maybe it was because my parents are just hilarious and the best. for whatever reason, i am so, so grateful that i got some time off and spent more than an hour (we can leave the exact amount of time vague) watching netflix. please tell me i’m not the only one who looks forward to netflix marathons during breaks? i know i’m not alone.

i didn’t really take pictures while i was home, to be honest there wasn’t a whole lot to document. but that was the joy in it. i  got to do nothing. but there is this picture-the night my whole family came over and we celebrated 10 years of my dad’s company! if you need a super snazzy custom home, he’ll whip one up for you with the help of my uber talented designer mother. also, we facetimed abby and dave so they wouldn’t miss the special night.




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