y’all, i’m basically just posting this in hopes that someone will tell me “jessie it’s okay. i live the same life. you’re not alone.”

i bet you’re thinking this is going to be a serious post….

JUST KIDDING-I HAVEN’T MADE MY BED IN LIKE 3484930 DAYS and i haven’t picked up anything off my floor since last week. it’s so bad guys. i have a duffle bag with clothes falling out of it, one load of laundry not folded on my chair (aka i haven’t sat in it in like 3 weeks), folded laundry on the floor, lots and lots of decongestant on any open surface, seventeen cups half filled with water, and it’s just nasty tissue city all over my floor. 

HELP! this is gross but it’s true. i know based on my recent change in profile picture, you all think i live a glamorous life, but it’s not true. for a while i was able to blame the mess on being sick (which is true). then i got to blame it on being really busy (which is also very true). but now i’m trying to blame it on being busy still but i actually have spent the last two hours reading blogs and pinning my imaginary life (unfortunately, true as well). what is happening to me? maybe i can blame it on the fact that the government is shut down? that means that all rules are out the window now, right? right. funny side note though (actually, maybe not that funny cause i tweeted it earlier and no one favorited it or retweeted it so my self-confidence is on the lower end of the scale right now. maybe i should delete it? awkward, sometime i actually do delete them if no one favorites it. WHAT IS MY LIFE!?) but i was in the coffee shop on campus today and i heard this girl say to another girl, “if there’s no government, then i don’t actually have to take this exam.” 

LOLOL! a. the government still exists. b. you do still have to take your exam cause professors aren’t cool enough to make those kind of exceptions. good try though!

one other thing i feel like i should share: i just happened to take note of my first ten pandora stations like five minutes ago, and oh my gosh… what? here’s the lineup:

the naked and famous – shawn mcdonald – the 1975 – kim walker-smith and skyler smith – gwen stefani – bethany dillon – pricilla ahn – vertical church band – one direction – five for fighting. 

the list literally goes on. and on and on and on. this is embarrassing. 

please tell me i’m not alone. and PTL i don’t have kids cause i may actually have to take some notes from this: 


happy thursday! 


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