there’s something special about getting up before the sun and driving for 3 hours. when i woke up monday morning to make my way back up the mountain, i wasn’t all that thrilled about even being awake. but as i drove i realized the faithfulness of the Lord is giving me another day. as i drove and as the day went on, the word faithful continued to repeat itself in my mind. i wasn’t really sure why the Lord was pressing it on my spirit so much, but whatever it wasn’t bothering me. i didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but as the day went on my spirit got heavier. it seemed to keep getting weighed down with unanswered prayers, doubts and disbelief’s, questions and frustrations.

then i realized it, it was clearly the Lord preparing me for something. all day was like that though, things just weren’t going right. i woke up this morning to a miracle though. and when that happened, my unbelief was shattered and my doubts flew out the window. then just like yesterday, faithfulness kept showing up. it was in every song i listened to, it was in every song that came to mind, it was written in huge bold letters of old journal entries. is not by chance that i needed to be continuously reminded that He is so faithful. and thankfully, He is even faithful when i don’t understand and when i’m tired of believing. but today when i felt like i had reached the point of not being able to ask for a miracle anymore, He showed up. and you know why? because He is faithful. 

specifically, this is the song that came to mind more than once.

shoot, and then to top all this off i started reading Job tonight. i’ve always heard what it was about and know the general idea, but dang. y’all go read that and then we can all be a little more thankful for our circumstances.

also, video credit to these people who are the sweetest and whom i respect so much, Jon and Kelley Owens.


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