high maintinence diva

mmmk i need some new music. like i mentioned a few days ago, the new bryan and katie torwalt album is amaze, but i need some soft/sad/gloomy/butnottoogloomy music that’s all like “it’s october but it’s snowing and i’m freezing but i just want to lay on the couch and watch gossip girl and friday night lights oh and i’ll also take a fresh cup of hot chocolate every 50 seconds.” you catching my drift? too much to ask for? good, i didn’t think so either. i mean some call me a high-maintinence diva, i just call it being the baby of the family and a girl. whatever you call it, i still need new music. 

while i’m taking suggestions for things, anybody know any good ways to warm up a freezing body? i was out side this morning at 6:45 for quite a while. you know when you get cold, and then literally it takes days (i’m really not being dramatic) to thaw out/get warm? i’m still in the very cold stage. help a sista out? 

oh and while we’re on the subject of COLD, if anyone has a gator or a 4-wheeler they want to donate to cubson’s lair, feel free. we have yet to figure out how we’re getting down our driveway/the grand canyon when it starts snowing. my poor car has a rough time getting up it when the weather is lovely and 75, so i’m skeptical about it’s performance in a few weeks. as the dear mandy smith would say, “sorry about your bad luck.” 

happy thursday! eight more hours till friday but i mean really who’s counting? 

i typed in “high maintinence diva” in the search bar on pinterest and this came up. so yeah let’s go for. leopard print, fur, uggs, curled hair. if i were a toddler in 2013 i can imagine my fashion picks would have been along these lines. 



double post, oops (but college rocks)

again, double post. but i’m over it. i’m in class right now (oops) and i just had this epiphany about how great college is. i’ve probably mentioned it before, and i know this isn’t the first time i’ve had this epiphany. but to be honest, i’m already having to start thinking about my future and it’s terrifying. college is so easy (relatively speaking, everything but class) because i live in this (mostly) perfect little world, with my perfect little friends, and my perfect little idealistic life. but i know that in a year-and-a-half, BOOM my life will get crumpled up into a little ball and thrown into a different city (hopefully) and kicked around and stepped on. and then eventually i’ll settle back into a ‘perfect’ little life. but then again, nothing is perfect even when i think it is. but hey, that’s pretty neat. because since i don’t know what’s around the ‘corner of life,’ it could be anything. and ‘anything’ could mean super exciting. or not, either way. i’ll find out soon enough.

but i just like love college. i don’t have to report to anyone, i don’t have to tell anyone else how to act, i can leave whenever i want to, and i don’t have to be home by 5 to cook dinner for anyone. this. is. the. best. my dad has always told me that college is the best time of your life. he’s so right. i’m glad i’m here and i’m glad i know that i’m doing the right thing. 

i’m soaking up this time and trying to love every minute of it. sometimes i get stressed, but then i try and remember that it won’t be like this forever. and that’s both terrifying and exhilarating. 


sunday night i returned to boone from a much needed and much appreciated fall break. being home is so refreshing, and each time i go, it seems to be better than the last. maybe this was such a good break because i didn’t have anything to do while i was there, or maybe it was because i hadn’t stopped “going” since school started in august, or maybe it was because my parents are just hilarious and the best. for whatever reason, i am so, so grateful that i got some time off and spent more than an hour (we can leave the exact amount of time vague) watching netflix. please tell me i’m not the only one who looks forward to netflix marathons during breaks? i know i’m not alone.

i didn’t really take pictures while i was home, to be honest there wasn’t a whole lot to document. but that was the joy in it. i  got to do nothing. but there is this picture-the night my whole family came over and we celebrated 10 years of my dad’s company! if you need a super snazzy custom home, he’ll whip one up for you with the help of my uber talented designer mother. also, we facetimed abby and dave so they wouldn’t miss the special night.




y’all, i’m basically just posting this in hopes that someone will tell me “jessie it’s okay. i live the same life. you’re not alone.”

i bet you’re thinking this is going to be a serious post….

JUST KIDDING-I HAVEN’T MADE MY BED IN LIKE 3484930 DAYS and i haven’t picked up anything off my floor since last week. it’s so bad guys. i have a duffle bag with clothes falling out of it, one load of laundry not folded on my chair (aka i haven’t sat in it in like 3 weeks), folded laundry on the floor, lots and lots of decongestant on any open surface, seventeen cups half filled with water, and it’s just nasty tissue city all over my floor. 

HELP! this is gross but it’s true. i know based on my recent change in profile picture, you all think i live a glamorous life, but it’s not true. for a while i was able to blame the mess on being sick (which is true). then i got to blame it on being really busy (which is also very true). but now i’m trying to blame it on being busy still but i actually have spent the last two hours reading blogs and pinning my imaginary life (unfortunately, true as well). what is happening to me? maybe i can blame it on the fact that the government is shut down? that means that all rules are out the window now, right? right. funny side note though (actually, maybe not that funny cause i tweeted it earlier and no one favorited it or retweeted it so my self-confidence is on the lower end of the scale right now. maybe i should delete it? awkward, sometime i actually do delete them if no one favorites it. WHAT IS MY LIFE!?) but i was in the coffee shop on campus today and i heard this girl say to another girl, “if there’s no government, then i don’t actually have to take this exam.” 

LOLOL! a. the government still exists. b. you do still have to take your exam cause professors aren’t cool enough to make those kind of exceptions. good try though!

one other thing i feel like i should share: i just happened to take note of my first ten pandora stations like five minutes ago, and oh my gosh…..like what? here’s the lineup:

the naked and famous – shawn mcdonald – the 1975 – kim walker-smith and skyler smith – gwen stefani – bethany dillon – pricilla ahn – vertical church band – one direction – five for fighting. 

the list literally goes on. and on and on and on. this is embarrassing. 

please tell me i’m not alone. and PTL i don’t have kids cause i may actually have to take some notes from this: 


happy thursday! 



there’s something special about getting up before the sun and driving for 3 hours. when i woke up monday morning to make my way back up the mountain, i wasn’t all that thrilled about even being awake. but as i drove i realized the faithfulness of the Lord is giving me another day. as i drove and as the day went on, the word faithful continued to repeat itself in my mind. i wasn’t really sure why the Lord was pressing it on my spirit so much, but whatever it wasn’t bothering me. i didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but as the day went on my spirit got heavier. it seemed to keep getting weighed down with unanswered prayers, doubts and disbelief’s, questions and frustrations.

then i realized it, it was clearly the Lord preparing me for something. all day was like that though, things just weren’t going right. i woke up this morning to a miracle though. and when that happened, my unbelief was shattered and my doubts flew out the window. then just like yesterday, faithfulness kept showing up. it was in every song i listened to, it was in every song that came to mind, it was written in huge bold letters of old journal entries. is not by chance that i needed to be continuously reminded that He is so faithful. and thankfully, He is even faithful when i don’t understand and when i’m tired of believing. but today when i felt like i had reached the point of not being able to ask for a miracle anymore, He showed up. and you know why? because He is faithful. 

specifically, this is the song that came to mind more than once.

shoot, and then to top all this off i started reading Job tonight. i’ve always heard what it was about and know the general idea, but dang. y’all go read that and then we can all be a little more thankful for our circumstances.

also, video credit to these people who are the sweetest and whom i respect so much, Jon and Kelley Owens.