spoken word [2.0]

i hear these words and they shake me up. they wake me up. they remind me to not live a life of complacency. too often i find myself stuck in formality, routine, regularity, acceptance. but this is not what i was meant for. i was meant to break off the usual, to cross the line of comfort and find myself in a world of unpredictability. how terrifying, right? that’s where the joy is. it could have a terrible ending, but you learn from that. or it could end up being the best decision you’ve ever made, the best lesson you’ve ever learned, the best people you’ve ever met. it could just be the best. so why stay where you are in a life of good when life could be best?

**i realize that this video has nothing to do with anything i just wrote about (except the first two sentances) but the words started flowing so i wrote.


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