not my fear

fear cripples me so easily. part of that is letting my mind wander where it shouldn’t. but part of it is satan’s scheme to tear me down bit by bit until i am completely overcome by fear that i no longer feel hope or see that there’s a Father waiting to save me if i just let Him. my fears are usually really irrational too: mom and dad are going to die in a freak accident, i’m never going to graduate, i’m going to be stuck in circumstance xyz forever, i’ll be alone forever. but sometimes these fears start out small: i’m nervous about dad flying home tonight. and then when i don’t allow my Father to capture that fear, it grows. and it becomes a  monster. it becomes something so big that my human mind can’t comprehend how it wouldn’t become a reality. so this is what i’ve learned (mostly from my dear mother’s teachings): when i try to wrestle my own fears, i lose. but when i fully surrender them to the power of my Father from the beginning, my fears cannot win. and they are no longer my fears because I no longer claim them. 

live without fear. live free. 


One thought on “not my fear

  1. Sweet Jessie 🙂 I have this same problem… What you wrote was very encouraging. Why don’t I immediately PRAY about situations or fears (that are, like you said, usually something so big I can’t comprehend it)? When I was little and dealing with other fears that seem so small now, yet were so big then, Mom used to tell me to say this phrase: “When I am afraid, I will trust in you…” Now I don’t know if it is a verse or just a phrase from a book, but I STILL say it, out loud sometimes even 🙂 It helps me focus my thoughts on Jesus. Hymns are also so good for me to get focused on meditating on Truth. I love you Jessie and enjoy reading your blog…

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