good day

more often than not, i end a day thinking “i’m so glad this day is almost over.” not because i hate my life or because my circumstances are terrible, but because i simply am counting down to the weekend and it can’t come soon enough. today however, was different. it was a good day. nothing major. i didn’t get engaged. i didn’t learn to fly. i didn’t see one of the 7 wonders of the world. but the Lord blessed it because today happened. i lived to see another day. 

my brother jon and i love to sing that song “it’s a great day to be alive” by travis tritt because for whatever reason it’s “our song.” but let’s be real, it is so good. indeed, i know the sun’s still shining when i close my eyes and that’s a good feeling. speaking of music, bethel has new album out. so that may have contributed to my good day. 

here’s to being more conscious of the days i am given-being more aware of the life i have been handed and making the most of it. even if you didn’t learn to fly today (let me know if you did, i would love to chat), you saw today. that’s a good reason to be excited. 

but maybe your day sucked. i really am sorry to hear that. so how about when you finish reading this you listen to travis tritt and call it a night. 10 pm isn’t too early for bed is it? not by my watch. tomorrow is a new day, and it could be really cool-let it be.



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