junior, say what

me oh my it’s been a busy time since i’ve been back on the mountain. i never have time to check my favorite blogs anymore and if you know me at all you know how upsetting that is for me. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EVERYONE’S LIFE? now that that’s out there, here’s what’s happening in my life. i like to snap a few pics here and there so i’ll share some with you. this is a glimpse into junior year thus far. it’s been a stressful/overwhelming/chaotic/how-will-i-ever-make-it year, but it’s also been exciting/eventful/worth-it/i-forgot-how-much-fun-college-is kind of year. so here’s to week 2! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

1 & 2. first day of school pics 3. membership committee at fall retreat 4-8. b-stud lovin 9. kaylee showing me how to be a nurse (truth be told, i listened to my belly after lunch-ymmo). 


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