she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s miss united states. just kidding, but she’s my bestie. Imageand she’s home from colorado! like i mentioned a few post’s ago, most of my home friends were gone all summer doing cool things. but anna finally returned sunday and i could not have been happier. we met in ’97 and she’s been my better half ever since (that’s funny cause i was 4, but it’s true). mainly cause she let me be a diva growing up-and to be honest still does. for real for real for real though, she is such an honorable lady. she really is beauty and she really is grace. she’s humble, gracious, forgiving, understanding, a sexy babe, nurturing, attentive, hilarious, sometimes a space-case, welcoming, and did i mention her good looks? she’s going to have one very lucky husband one day. oh AND she has the voice of an angel. an angelic angel straight from heaven. 

anna has taught me what it means to forgive because she forgave me so well when we were in high school. we had such a funky/weird falling out in like 10th grade, but the Lord used it for good (imagine that) and the two of us have never been closer. without fail, every time we catch up we realize that we are in the EXACT SAME PLACE IN LIFE. i’m not trying to be dramatic (http://www.hulu.com/watch/19279), but our lives are equal. but at the same time we are total opposites. so funny how that happens. so anna-i’m so thankful for you and your zeal for everything you put your hands to. i’m so happy i have you in my life. 



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