look who finally made it back to NC! this summer has been so strange because most of the people i spend time with when i’m home from school have been so far away. and they are/were doing super cool things, even cooler than nannying. imagine that? but this is the magic week when they all start to trickle back into my lonely arms. these past two months have definitely made me grateful for the relationships i have and i’m learning not to take them for granted. so cammy, welcome home! i’m so thankful for you and your willingness to listen to the Lord and respond. this has by far been one of the oddest friendships i’ve ever had, seeing as how we would have been what’s commonly called ‘freinemies’ when we were in middle school. but look how far we’ve come! love ya. p.s. don’t mind that awkward arm, not sure what’s happening.


also, i have found the one whom my heart loves: symphony chocolate. try it, right now. uh-mazing.


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