it’s been a long time since i’ve written anything, and i think i realized why. sometimes i feel inadequate. inadequate to blog, to follow my dreams, to chase something i love. i’ve changed my mind a million times about what i want to do with my major and my life. right now it has something to do with blogging. whether it’s designing or writing i’m not sure. but i love it. and i know i’m not an expert, and maybe you wouldn’t even consider what i’m doing ‘good.’ but i really do love it. even when i know it’s something i enjoy doing, i feel too inadequate to keep doing it. i’ve always valued the opinions of others, although a lot of times i try to deny it. so even blogging has proven to be something i want to do but i’m not sure what ‘other people will think of it.’ but since when does God place desires in our hearts that he doesn’t equip us to chase? he’s put this desire inside of me because i realize that blogging often leads to reaching a multitude of people. so many of my enteries are on a whim-what i did over the weekend, what the Lord showed me when i woke up this morning, the recipe i had for dinner. and i always wonder, ‘what good is this doing for anyone?’ then i take a step back and realize, it’s not up to me how it affects other people. if the Lord places something on my heart to write about, i’ll do it because that is how he is equipping me. 

“Moses said to the Lord, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.’ The Lord said to him, ‘Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” (exodus 4: 10-13).

ok cool, so here the Lord literally tells moses that he will equip him. i really honestly believe that if the Lord has put a passion or desire in your heart that you know can advance His kingdom and bring glory to Him, he will equip you. by nature, we are not equipped to accomplish life. in order to be sucesfull in our journey, we must ask our father to equip us. and i promise you he will! so do it, chase your passions and your dreams because i know they are there for a reason. don’t give up on something you love. if you had a desire 10 years ago but tucked it away because it seemed ‘unrealistic,’ pull it back out and go for it. you never know what could come of your life if you live in the ordinary and everyday. be someone, do something, and if you don’t know what you’re passionate about, start looking.


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