sometimes i read blogs like these two and i get really excited to have a family

and sometimes i read a blog like this and i get really excited to be married

but right now i’m super happy being a college student. i have freedoms that i won’t have when i’m married and when i have babies. i don’t really have to report to anyone, and i’m not particularly responsible for anyone other than myself (except of course for the social responsibility of people around me but come on we all know what i’m talking about here). so hooray for being twenty and not paying for my own insurance yet or worrying about writing a will. 

**this pictures exemplifies exactly what i’m talking about. when else will my two best friends and i be able to just go to puerto rico for spring break? wait, when else will i even have a spring break after college? crap…this realization is not fun. 




ImageImagei got off work friday night and waited on campbell to show up at my house so we could grab some dinner and have girls night. funny how that didn’t actually happen at all, but we found ourselves in boone instead at 10 pm and had an incredible weekend awaiting us. the weather on saturday was phenomenal, sunny and 75 all day. we woke up and went to breakfast at melanie’s, then hiked through the parkway and eventually landed at proper for dinner and another trip to the parkway to watch the sunset. all in all, i would say it was a sucess. the best part of it all was how spontaneous it was. i had no intentions of going to boone this weekend, but the Lord did and i’m so glad. it took campbell and i about 10 minutes to decide that that was how we wanted to spend out time and oh my gosh am i thankful we did. campbell is such a kind friend and i’m so happy she was feeling as sporadic as i was. 


ImageImagealso, huge happy fathers day shout out to my amazing dad who never fails to make me laugh, prove to be my hero, love me, provide for me, and remind me how a man should act. i love you papi! 

count your blessings



i’ve realized lately that it’s really easy to forget how much i’m thankful for. life gets chaotic and before i know it i’m taking everything for granted. aren’t we called to more than that? aren’t we called to live a life of thankfulness? i am so guilty of forgetting this. all week i found myself speaking of nothing but complaints. the reality is, i’m blessed beyond belief. there’s things that i know i’ve never audibly thanked the lord for (ex. wifi, like what on earth would we do without it?) here’s a few other things i never find myself being thankful for:

air conditioning, storms, cheescake, gas in my car, shoes, sunshine, not studying, making money, getting to influence a child’s life, texting, snapchat, knowing how to read and write. 

who’s with me? who else has never audibly said “i am thankful for the ability to write?” guys, i am having an epiphany right now. imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t know how to write or spell. granted, i’m kind of the worlds worst speller (i’ve been told it’s a homeschool thing). but the fact that i can write my thoughts down is incredible. i can scribble a note and leave it on the kitchen table so my roommates know where i am. i can text my mom and find out what’s for dinner (i know, hard to believe i would do such a thing). these are all blessings in themselves. so i dare you, take 60 seconds and think of as many things as you can that you’ve never found yourself being thankful for before. it’s amazing. now i’m going to take a shower, which i am super thankful i have the opportunity to do. happy weekend to all! 

(top photos: i’m thankful for each of my sibs. and what is with my blonde hair..weird.)

weddings and beaches

bachelorette weekend

ASU group. pardon the crazy eyes. 

all the sisters

topsail island

funniest bro-in-law ever

it’s been such a wonderful few weeks. we welcomed a new member to the metty family, mary. she is sweet, tenderhearted, hilarious, and thoughtful and i’m proud to have her as a sister. the wedding was fabulous and we could not have asked for better weather. right after the wedding, the rest of the fam (well, most of the rest) headed to the beach for a week away. goal: escape reality and do nothing. we accomplished our goal. i love having my sister and brother-in-law in town, they are literally four shoes full of crazy.