i love summer because it means fresh food. fresh strawberries, peaches, and kiwi are my favorite. here is my favorite summer dish. no kidding i’ll easily eat it for lunch and dinner in the same day more than once a week..whoops.

and it’s so easy: 
strawberry slices (the more the merrier)
candied pecans
berry vinaigrette (raspberry is my fave, but any will do)


the end

     oh dear it has been a while. the end of the semester always catches me off guard, and somehow i end up with papers and projects and exams out the wazhoo. maybe it has something to do with procrastination, but i like to think it’s my professors’ fault. ultimately, i’ve just been swamped and haven’t had much time to follow some of my favorite bloggers, much less write on my own. 
     i am so thankful for this year though. i finally finished all school-related things up on thursday, and i’ve been a free woman since. i had forgotten what it feels like to be so free. i don’t feel guilty when i spend my afternoons with friend, i don’t have a paper looming over my head, and i know that i can enjoy time with friends and enjoy time by myself. this year has proven to be one of the most challenging, humorous, emotional, amazing years. who knew i’d learn so much sophomore year of college (other than accounting and economics)? just the other day my roommates and i were talking about how much our friendships have challenged each of us. living with girls all my own age has taught me a lot about patience and confrontation, but i wouldn’t trade this year for anything. in that same conversation, we talked about how close all our challenges have brought us. our friendship is deeper because of it, and for that i am so thankful. i am thankful that they have put up with my messy self, that they still love me when i’m an emotional basket case, that they know me inside and out, that they always want to know what’s going on even when i’m being closed off, that they still want to be my friend even though i’m literally never at the house. they really have made this year so great. 
    getting involved with ambassadors has been such a fun experience, and i really love it a lot. but one of the most important lesson i’ve learned is the value of friendships and balancing all of them. it is not always easy, but in the end it has never failed to be worth it. the Lord has blessed me with so many wonderful relationships this year-some old ones being developed and some new ones just getting started. each of them has taught me a different lesson, and each lesson i am thankful for. i have learned this year how critical it is that i lean not on my own understanding, but on my fathers. i have also learned how much i can’t survive on my own. my life must be lived in the direction of my heavenly father, or else i land on my face. thankfully, his grace is sufficient and he allows me to get back up every time. 
    last but not least, i have realized how quickly this time of my life is going by. i am half way done with college. HALF. how did that happen? i honestly feel like i moved into my dorm freshman year like yesterday. nope, it’s been two whole years. that means the next two years are going to go by even faster and i just want to hold on to time with dear life and not let any ounce of it slip through the cracks. there is so much to be done in college and in boone. so many adventures to be had (literally, boone is full of them), so many friends to be made, so many memories to be made. i’m terrified i’ll miss something. thus far, appalachian has provided some of the coolest experiences of my life. i am so grateful for this. boone is beautiful. my friends are beautiful. time is beautiful. and my Jesus is beautiful. 
AMB parents weekend, and my dad is 5.

AMB parents weekend

AMB newbie induction night with some of my favorite ladies

JESUS CULTURE with my besties