my life hasn’t been anything really over-the-top-awesome-let-me-tell-you-all-about-it, but life has been good, really good. i’ve been really happy, and the sun is out today. that in itself is enough to giggle about. no lie, when the sun is out in boone, the entire mood of the town changes. people are running, chacos have been resurrected, toboggans are put up, hammocks are hung, and kayaks are on top of cars (as opposed to snowboards). even today when i ordered my doughnut at local lion, the guy working said he’s sold more smoothies today than he has practically ever. i have a very thankful heart today. here’s my life for the past few weeks in photos:
[this is my ambassador newbie class, they are all the best]

[the next few are family pics. my AMB family has meant so much to me already]

[and then me and ma besties headed to puerto rico for spring break-hola]

[and i spent my birthday with part of my cute family]