snow, finally.

[since we couldn’t get out much on thursday, we got a bit of homework done. this picture makes my time look more productive than it really was.]

[thursday night before I went to bed]

[friday morning when I woke up. the first sun I’d seen since being back in Boone]

[trying, and failing miserably, to get the snow/ice off of Mary Margaret’s car. Thankful for her bf who saved the day :)]

     Since I got back to Boone last Sunday, it has been cold, and wet, and gross, until Thursday night. No lie, it rained for four straight days. Not just a little rain, full on, winter ski jacket, soak through your rain boots, keep you freezing all the time, downpour. It was…depressing. And then finally, Thursday night it started falling. The beautiful, white, magical flurries decided to drop from the sky. I normally don’t like snow, and definitely don’t wis for it. But after all the rain, I had decided it was time. I was ready for the snow. Really, I was ready for anything but the rain. And boy did the snow come. It fell and fell and it fell fast. I was doing homework, and I looked up at one point-still rain. Then no joke, an hour later, it was like a blizzard. It was coming down at a rapid pace, and sideways. I’ll always think sideways snow/rain is funny. It must be the kid in me. I woke up the next morning, and it was a beautiful, icy mess. Walking down our steps to the bus stop was an adventure in itself. But it has been gorgeous. The roads are mostly cleared off now (except like every parking lot, ever) so we can now venture out of the house, and we absolutely did yesterday. Blowing Rock was incredible. It is such a magical town. So I’ve decided, snow isn’t all bad. As long as I can make it out of the house, I love it. It’s nice to look at.


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