I finally made it back up the mountain and to school, but I have had the most wonderful christmas break. I was so sad to see it come to an end. I spend five days in Jackson, Mississippi with Kaylee and Mary Margaret, which was a blast! It was so fun to see where Mary Margaret comes from, to meet her friends, to spend time with her family, and to shop-of course. It took us 9.5 hours to drive down there from Boone, which made for lots of memories and laughs. The one thing I keep thinking of every time I look back on that drive, is the fact that we missed Birmingham all together. How does that even happen? That’s like driving through Atlanta, or New York City, and just not even knowing it. So we may have had to call California Pizza Kitchen and tell them we would not be picking up our order because we had passed them about an hour earlier-whoops. All in all, it was a memorable trip, and the best part was that I got to fly home. Road trips are fun, but they’er more fun when you know you don’t have to drive back. No tickets, no accidents, and lots of good food and laughs.

(dinner at p.f. changs in Jackson)

     Then it was back home to Pittsboro to spend Christmas with my family. Well, part of my family. Now that all my siblings are married (or just about), holidays are not exactly traditional anymore. We did christmas with my brother and sister-in-law 3 days early, christmas day with my brother, christmas evening with the grandparents. On the bright side, lots of christmas’. It was great to spend some time with all of them. My mom loves holidays. So she thoroughly enjoyed watching us open presents, cookings, taking naps, entertaining, the whole nine-yards. My mom is a champ.

(my parents taking a christmas snuggle after presents.)

     But to keep on with the traveling, I was off to Seattle just a few days later to spend a week with my sister and brother-in-law. I had never been to Seattle, and oh my gosh. I completely fell in love. I did not want to come home, which is not like me. I do love being home, and normally after a vacation I’m even really enjoying, I’m about ready by the last time to get back to normal life, and my bed. But air mattress and all, I was obsessed. I would have happily slept on that air mattress for months if it meant I could have stayed out there. My sister (Abby) and brother-in-law (Dave) were amazing hosts. They were so welcoming, and they had a whole itinerary of things to do with me. Each day involved at least two coffee shops, so I was perfectly happy with whatever else we were doing. But everything was fun. We took lots of walks, ate lots of sweets, drank a ton of coffee, cross country skied, went to cross-fit (ouch!), visited Dave’s family up in Anacortes, drank more coffee, watched some movies, shopped, visited with their friends, the list goes on and on. I enjoyed every minute of being there. I’m already scheming my summer 2014 out there. I miss it already.

(abby and I taking a little hike, photo cred. dave)

    One of the highlights of my break though was easily spending so much time with my dad. Since he works out of town, it’s not often that he’s home for longer than a weekend. He was home for 2.5 weeks this time, which was amazing. Even though I was out of town for part of it, I loved knowing that him and my mom were getting to be together in their home. There is almost nothing they love more, unless of course they were in Italy together. Those two love birds are the cutest. 

     But alas, I’m back in Boone, on campus, in the coffee shop. Two classes down, two to go. I am very thankful though for routine. Sometimes I like to think that I’m a super go-with-the-flow, spontaneous kind of person, which I certainly can be, but ultimately, I get way more done when my life is a little scheduled. Thankful for the little things, you know? This semester is going to busy I can tell already, but I’m excited for the challenge. I’m excited for the chance to start over (especially after I got grades back from last semester, yikes!) I know this semester is going to be good. What are you looking forward to in the next few months?  

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