Finals week has arrived, whether I’m ready for it or not. I have held back urge to post a facebook status about how much I’m dreading it, or an Instagram of all my papers spread out. But I’m allowing myself to blog about it, not to complain, but out of joy. Here’s why I’m thankful for finals week:

-it means I’m in college
-it means despite all the tears and sleepless nights and fears of failure, I’ve made it this far
-it means I’m one week closer to Christmas break
-it means I still get a few more days with my roommates
-it means the Lord has blessed me with the brains to be here
-it means my family has instilled a work ethic in me
-it means it’s okay not to work out because I’m “studying”
-it means calories don’t count.
     In all honesty, I’m thrilled for the week to be over, but I am so grateful to be here right now. I know how blessed I am to be in college, and I take that for granted too often. But today is a special day. Not a typical special day, it’s not my birthday, it’s not a close friends’ birthday, it’s not a day off, it’s a rainy day. It’s special when it rains because it means the old dirt and dust is being washed away and everything starts fresh. It’s only a little after 10 am, but I know that today holds so much joy. If it’s just now raining, that means I have to the whole day to start fresh. The whole day to find things that I’m thankful for. Why is today special for you? 

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